Dan Uccello pizza
Dan Uccello pizza

Envision walking through a 30-foot wooden wine barrel entrance into an old world Italian atmosphere ornate with unfinished natural white pine along with deeply-rooted Sicilian focal points for a fresh dining experience. Everyone is invited to this incredible experience coming this August 2018 featuring a unique partnership between Dan Uccello’s new open-concept restaurant called Flo’s Wood Fired Pizzeria and Michigan’s award-winning, oldest, and largest winery: St. Julian’s. This will be one of the greatest dining experiences especially for tried and true wine lovers! A beautiful glass wall will translucently divide the winery’s tasting room with Flo’s Wood Fired Pizzeria butcher block kitchen top and spacious communal restaurant area.

In a very short amount of time, Dan Uccello has made quite a name for himself starting from the ground up. After 7 years in the Flo’s Collection business with brother Davide Uccello, Dan will now have five restaurant locations. After working in the kitchen with his father for many years, he fought against many obstacles to open his first Flo’s location at 24 years old. After the jumpstart he sought and received, he could not be more proud of the very first Belmont location with every floor board laid by hand. “Be persistent with what you do” he advised as we discussed the hardship of not receiving initial support. Dan went on to state that while there was much difficulty in the beginning, the people that struggled to approve his restaurant “now shake my hand”. His current goal is to open a new restaurant each year and has currently opened restaurant locations on a bi-annual basis; a phenomenal achievement.

Furthermore, Flo’s Wood Fired Pizzeria will feature authentic Sicilian dishes such as a caponata, an eggplant-based appetizer. They will also feature their “Best Pizza in America”, awarded in Parma, Italy at the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza. Pizza D’italia is topped with fig preserves, asiago, gorgonzola, and fresh mozzarella baked perfectly and topped with arugula, prosciutto, and black and white balsamic pearls.

Dan Uccello and the entire Flo’s community have created a family bond that believes in risk-taking and empowering anyone to provide ideas. He believes that “a leaders says ‘We’re going to do this together.’” and places a greater emphasis on values and mission work. He deems this his success in the years that have gone and the years to come with all restaurants in the Flo’s Collection, most certainly in this new project that will bring family together in many aspects.

This is a place to enter with your eyes open to great expectations. Sights such as the magnificent Trinacria mural signifying Sicilian heritage to the Ferrari red wood-fired oven and open kitchen area to the spacious bench-seating arrangement on the floor of the restaurant are sure to excite. Come hungry and “mancia’” (eat!). The community and cooking and character of the pizzeria is the entertainment as you will not find sports or screens. Each dish will be made-to-order, as are all from the Flo’s Collection. St. Julian’s wine will be served in the pizzeria as well as the tasting room next door.

Make sure to come out to the soft and grand openings coming this August at 4425 14 Mile Rd in Rockford, Michigan. For further information, please visit https://floswoodfired.com and follow Flo’s Wood Fired Pizzeria on Facebook for more special events to come!

photo by: Elizabeth Kadwell Photography 

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