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The Craft Beer Revolution: Latin-owned breweries you must visit in the United States

Craft beer in the United States has experienced spectacular growth in recent decades, with countless breweries across the country dedicated to creating unique and flavorful beers. Among these breweries are those owned by Latinx entrepreneurs who bring their rich cultural heritage and innovative spirit to the world of craft beer. In this article, we’ll explore some of these outstanding Latin-owned breweries, each with its unique story and focus on beer crafting.

Atrevida Beer Co.

6398 74th St, Bedford Park, IL 60638

Photo courtesy of Atrevida Beer Co.

Jess Fierro, a former homebrewer, ventured into the world of professional brewing after winning a national homebrew competition called Beerland. But her story doesn’t end there. Jess has received numerous accolades, including the 2021 SCWCC Minority Business of the Year Award and the 2020 Emerging Hispanic Business Leader of the Year Award. Her brewery, Atrevida Beer Co., located in Colorado Springs, focuses on empowering women and challenging consumers’ perspectives on craft beers. With unique flavors and creative names like “E-legal” and “Chapulines Colorados,” which includes authentic crickets, Jess boldly proclaims, “Diversity, it’s in the glass.”

Raíces Brewing

2060 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204

Raíces Brewing, founded by José D. Beteta, Tamil Maldonado Vega, and Martín D. Vargas, is a Latinx-owned brewery that seeks to celebrate culture and consciousness alongside exceptional brewing. Their motto, “Community, culture, beer,” highlights the importance of roots, precisely what the founders wanted to emphasize. Raíces Brewing has received eight national awards for its original beers, including “Valle del Sol,” known for its brightness and effervescence, and “Furia,” a red beer with a delicious malty caramel finish. For a Caribbean flavor with a touch of umami, they offer “Cafecito,” a beer that will surely delight your taste buds.

Border X Brewing

2181 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

Located in San Diego, Border X Brewing started as a brewery with European inspiration, focusing on English IPAs and Czech pilsners. However, a creative twist brought them back to their roots when one of the founders created a beer reminiscent of the Mexican hibiscus drink, “agua de Jamaica.” In addition to their hibiscus beer, called “Blood Saison,” they also have a “Horchata Golden Stout” with vanilla and cinnamon notes and “Café Inglés,” a chocolatey and malty beer. For founders David Favela and Carmen Velasco-Favela, reconnecting with their culture was the key to their success.

Mujeres Brew House

1983 Julian Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

In the world of brewing, women have a storied history that dates back to ancient Sumeria. However, despite this rich legacy, today’s brewing landscape still grapples with a gender disparity, with only about 23% of brewery owners being women. But amid this challenge, a bright and flavorful beacon emerges – Mujeres Brew House.

Founded by Carmen Velasco-Favela and her partner Esthela Dávila, Mujeres Brew House is a testament to breaking down traditional norms. This Latinx-owned brewery, managed by women, is on a mission to bridge the gender gap that persists in the brewing industry. Their refreshing “Hard Agua Frescas” and captivating beer flights challenge patriarchal conventions with every pour.

August at Mujeres Brew House is a special treat, as they offer a flight of beers thoughtfully paired with vibrant Mexican candies, creating a sensory experience like no other. If you find yourself in the San Diego area, don’t miss the chance to partake in this empowering and flavorful journey.

Mujeres Brew House is not just a brewery; it’s a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and, most importantly, a tribute to the resilience and creativity of women in the world of craft beer. It’s an experience that empowers and satisfies both your palate and your appreciation for breaking boundaries.

Casa Humilde Cervecería

417 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Photo courtesy of Casa Humilde Cervecería

Hailing from Chicago, the dynamic duo of brothers, Javier and José López, have embarked on a flavorful journey with their brewery, Casa Humilde Cervecería. Their mission is clear: to craft beers that are perfect for any occasion. However, this doesn’t mean they’re striving for generic brews to appease the masses; quite the opposite, in fact.

Casa Humilde Cervecería has created a beer selection that embraces the extraordinary. Take, for instance, “Nopalli,” a unique brew infused with the intriguing essence of tuna. Then there’s “Maizal,” a beer that celebrates the rich heritage of corn. For those seeking a more indulgent experience, “Tempestad” awaits with its exquisite fusion of Mexican vanilla and roasted Ecuadorian cacao.

Nestled in Chicago’s vibrant Hermosa neighborhood, the brothers not only brew beer but also relish the reactions of a younger generation. Their innovative concoctions are designed to transport enthusiasts back to the nostalgia of childhood memories, making Casa Humilde Cervecería not just a brewery but a portal to a world of imaginative and evocative flavors. For beer lovers seeking a unique and flavorful experience, this is one destination that promises to surprise, delight, and ignite a sense of wonder with every sip.

Dyckman Beer Co.

200th Street, Manhattan, NY

Photo courtsey of Dyckman Beer Co.

Dyckman Beer Co., named after the street where Washington Heights meets Manhattan, became the first Latinx-owned brewery in New York when it opened its doors in 2012. Its founder, Juan Camilo, originally from the Dominican Republic, raised in the Bronx and Washington Heights, is the creative force behind Dyckman Beer Co. His beers, like “Dyckman Brew,” “Suave,” and “Highbridge Summer Ale,” reflect his Dominican heritage. “Highbridge Summer Ale” is sweet and aromatic, infused with passion fruit, making it ideal for “any summer in New York.” Juan Camilo’s beers are distributed in 175 locations in New York City and the Dominican Republic.

Progress Brewing

9624 El Poche St, South El Monte, CA 91733

True to its name, Progress Brewing, located in South El Monte, California, aims to drive change, one beer at a time. Founded by Dr. Diego Benítez, who holds a Ph.D. in chemistry, the brewery offers a variety of beers and wines for those who can’t decide. Some of their unique beers include “Frida Crowler,” with black currant and sour cherry notes, and “Wild Horse Saison,” infused with blueberries and hops. Currently, Progress Brewing is in the process of moving to a larger space to better serve its growing community.

3 Punk Ales Brewing Co.

259 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910

This award-winning brewery in West Chula Vista offers a unique glimpse of Mexican culture through the lens of Southern California. The brewers at 3 Punk Ales admit they aim to debunk some stereotypes while unintentionally confirming others. In a recent interview, one of the owners, known as Lil Mr. E, stated, “I thought it would be amazing for a Latinx-owned and operated beer to hit the streets.” The beers are striking and surprising, like “Niña Fresca” with strawberry notes and the limited edition “Pisto,” which tastes like “a cool breeze on a warm summer night,” according to Lil Mr. E. The only way to find out if he’s right is to try it for yourself.

3 Gatos Brewery

1760 44th St SW #8, Wyoming, MI 49519

Linus and Renata, photo courtesy of 3 Gatos Brewery

In 2021, beer-loving duo Linus and Renata De Paoli brought their shared dream to life by founding 3 Gatos Brewery. Their journey into the world of beer began in April 2011 when they were still living in Brazil. From their very first brew, they fell in love with the art of brewing and the rich world of craft beer culture. Despite working as engineers at a major automaker at the time, their passion for brewing never waned. This love persisted even when they moved to Germany in 2015.

The idea of turning their brewing passion into a profession gradually grew, and in 2018, Linus seized the opportunity to hone his brewing skills by attending a two-week brewing course at VLB-Berlin. It was there that he crossed paths with Rommie Bailey, the owner of Kitzingen Brewery in Wyoming, Michigan, and a fast friendship was formed.

Rommie extended the offer to sell his brewery to Linus and Renata. After a brief visit in February 2020, the decision was made, and they embarked on a journey to make their dream a reality. Despite some inevitable delays related to the pandemic, they eventually took over the brewery and began infusing it with their unique personality.

Having lived in Germany from 2015 to 2020, Linus and Renata developed a deep appreciation for European brewing culture. Now, they’re combining this knowledge and experience with American experimentation and entrepreneurial spirit.

3 Gatos Brewery embodies the essence of craft beer for Linus and Renata: it’s about diversity, openness, inclusion, and tolerance. Their journey from homebrewing in Brazil to owning a brewery in the United States is a testament to their passion and dedication to craft beer.

Burzurk Brewing Co.

1442 Washington Ave, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Co-owned by Tyler Forbes and his wife, Karen Forbes, the brewery showcases their shared passion for craft beer and a desire to create a welcoming space for all. The couple’s journey into the world of brewing began about three years ago when they started home brewing. Originally considering opening a restaurant, they soon redirected their vision toward crafting exceptional brews that cater to a wide spectrum of tastes.

The beer menu at Burzurk Brewing Company is nothing short of diverse, offering everything from sours and IPAs for seasoned craft beer aficionados to crisp and crushable lagers, perfect for those who may prefer the simplicity of a Bud Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon. Karen Forbes, with a newfound love for sours and IPAs, serves as the brewery’s flavor master, infusing her culinary talents into the creative brewing process.

Tyler Forbes, an engineer at Shape Corp. for over 16 years, brings his wealth of experience and precision to the brewing process, ensuring that every beer crafted at Burzurk Brewing Company is of the highest quality. His journey to Grand Haven began when his employer sent him to work in Mexico, where he met and married Karen Forbes. The couple’s shared dream brought them to the United States, where they settled in 2012.

City Built Brewing Company
820 Monroe Ave NW STE 155, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Edwin Collazo, picture courtesy of City Built Brewing Co.

City Built Brewing Company in Grand Rapids is not just a brewery but a vibrant celebration of Latin American culture. Founded by Puerto Rican co-owner Edwin Collazo, this unique establishment has masterfully fused traditional beer styles with the vibrant ingredients inspired by Latin culture, creating a beer lineup that is as diverse and exciting as the culture it represents.

One of the standout brews at City Built Brewing Company is “La Jalea,” an IPA bursting with the tropical flavors of passion fruit and dragon fruit. This delightful infusion exemplifies the brewery’s commitment to crafting beers that transcend the ordinary and provide a truly exceptional drinking experience.

Beyond the beer, City Built Brewing Company offers a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Its colorful decor and lively ambiance evoke the spirit of Latin America, making it a destination where patrons can not only savor exceptional craft beers but also immerse themselves in the culture and flavors that inspire these creations.

For those seeking a unique and culturally rich brewery experience in Grand Rapids, City Built Brewing Company stands out as a must-visit destination. Here, beer enthusiasts and culture aficionados come together to celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of Latin American heritage while indulging in flavorful and distinctive craft beers.

These Latin-owned breweries in the United States showcase the incredible diversity and innovation that continue to shape the craft beer scene. Each one brings a unique cultural perspective and a passion for brewing, making them essential stops for beer enthusiasts looking to explore new and exciting flavors.”